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Kingdom New Lands Review

Kingdom New Lands has seen a few releases over the years, but now that it’s available almost everywhere, I felt it was time to finally give it a go.

In this sequel to the game Kingdom, you play as a randomly generated king or queen, and it’s your job to build a kingdom around various parts of the world. To do this, you must collect coins throughout each day and spend them wisely to build up your defense, army, and facilities in order to build up a striving kingdom.

Kingdom New Lands review
Your humble kingdom.

Building a new kingdom

When you start off, you’re given a nice tutorial on what you’re able to do. For the action enthusiasts, there’s unfortunately no sword swinging, arrow shooting, or even jumping around. It’s strictly a resource management/kingdom building game.

Once the tutorial is over, I’ll admit I felt quite lost, and didn’t really know how to proceed. The game didn’t really explain any kind of goal or purpose, so it took a while to find my feet and figure it out for myself.

One of my main problems with this game is its limiting 2D side-scrolling view. Because you can only see your kingdom from this perspective, you’ll need to be running back and forth in order to see how things are going. This is especially frustrating when you’re getting attacked by monsters and aren’t quite sure which way to run.

Kingdom New Lands review
You’ll need to head outside your kingdom to search for recruits.

When building your kingdom, you’ll need to be very selective when deciding what to spend your coins on. You can purchase more bows to have more archers around (who protect you town and hunt wildlife for coins), you can purchase more hammers for more builders, or build walls to keep monsters out.

Before all that though, you’ll need to head out into the wilderness to find people to recruit, which also takes up valuable coins. Speaking of coins, they are fairly hard to acquire! Everyday you’ll pay your merchant to head off and do their thing, then wait for them to come back, and finally give you a stack of coins at the start of each day.

This was my main way of building my coin collection, though sometimes archers will give you what they find when go out hunting. You can also search outside the kingdom to look for treasure chests.

Probably my biggest complaint of the game is that once you’ve acquired all the coins you can, and gone on to spend them all, you’ll pretty much have nothing to do until the day ends. I found myself just standing around waiting for the day to pass so I can get my payout.

It’s not overly exciting and found myself bored throughout a lot of my time here. At least if my character could go out and hunt animals/monsters for coins, it would’ve given me something to do.

When you do have some coins to spend, the hard part is deciding what to spend them on. Do you recruit more people and make more archers/builders out of them? Do you strength your walls or watch towers? Or do you pour your money into fixing the ship, which is needed to progress to the next area?

Kingdom New Lands review
If your defenses aren’t good enough, you’ll be overrun with monsters.

This was probably the highlight of the game for me and plays right into the strategy side of Kingdom New Lands. As you move onto new regions of the world, more monsters get thrown at you, so you’ll need to be extremely selective with how you go about surviving the region.

I originally made the mistake of creating a bare bones kingdom and focusing on repairing the ship to move on. By day 20, my townsfolk had disappeared (they need to be paid again to bring them back) and my walls were also ravaged from the monster attacks. So by the next night, I didn’t have enough to protect myself and my kingdom and it was game over!

But once you have built your ship and moved on, you repeat the whole process again in a new area, and that’s the game in a nutshell. Each area will have increased difficulty, but the goal and process remains the same, so it may start to get repetitive after a short while.

Kingdom New Lands review
Deciding where to spend your coins will be crucial.

Summary of Kingdom New Lands

So for those who can learn from their mistakes, have the required patience , and can adapt to new challenges, are going to be the ones who’ll get the most enjoyment from Kingdom New Lands. Otherwise it is a bit of a hard sell.

There will be gamers who will get bored of constantly running back and forth to see what needs doing, and with very little feedback from the game, there’s always going to be hesitation when spending money not knowing what will happen.

The first region of the game eases you into it, which is great for beginners, but the second region onwards will determine who stays and who goes. While the strategy and decision-making behind it are the game’s strong point, it’s the waiting around and not being able to do anything for long periods that let this game down the most.

Score: 6.5


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