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Rayman Legends review

For anyone who played the 2011 platformer Rayman Origins, they were able to enjoy a bright, funny, and unique game. A couple of years after, its sequel Rayman Legends arrived, and anyone who enjoyed Rayman Origins were treated to a worthy successor.

Rayman and his friends have been asleep for a century, and with the Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares growing in strength during that time, it comes down to Rayman and co to awaken and save the day.

rayman legends review
Visuals are bright, colourful, and beautiful.

Art style and charm

First thing you’ll notice is Rayman’s beautiful art style. The colours are bright and the palette suits this game perfectly. Each character (and there are lots of characters) all have amazing designs to them, each following the same unique style of the game, but all unique in their own right.

While there may be plenty of character to play as, they ultimately play the same as they’re just different skins. So it doesn’t matter who you choose as it’s purely for aesthetics.

Everything about Rayman Legends just oozes personality and charm, and that’s not just limited to the visuals, but the sound and music too.

rayman legends review

Characters don’t speak a particular language, but kind of mumble gibberish and still manage to have more personality than a lot of fully-voice characters in other games.

The music is very playful and yet another thing that suits the game perfectly. When you play the levels that contain Rayman’s version of ‘Black Betty’, you can’t help but smile. The exact platforming you’ll need to perform on those level match up exactly with the music and it’s pure brilliance.

Rayman Legends Level Design

As great as this game looks and sounds, it’s nothing without great gameplay, but luckily Rayman Legends delivers this in spades. Each and every level is well designed and constantly throws new things at you.

Thankfully it’s a more fast-paced platformer which is how I think all platformers should be played. The more difficult levels will not just require good reflexes, but almost force you memorize them. There’s a lot that can happen during the course of these levels, you’ll need to be fully aware of your surroundings, and fully expect a platform will fall or something will block your path.

This is especially exciting during the levels where you need to chase a villain across the level and everything is done to try to slow you down. They’re just so thrilling and satisfying when you reach the end.I really love this type of variety of levels throughout the game, and you’ll never get bored of any of them.

rayman legends review
You’ll discover many well-designed stages.

Rayman Legends Gameplay

Generally the game plays very well, as the physics are just right for this type of game. One criticism though is that you have to hold down a shoulder button to run. As a platformer, running should always be default, as there’s no reason to walk in this game. It does kind of impact the more difficult sections because you also have to focus on holding that button down.

One aspect of the gameplay I really enjoyed were the sections that involved Murfy, the little green flying frog creature. During these levels, you’ll be using him to interact with the environment to help progress. He’ll cut down platforms for you to jump on, or ropes to help you swing across gaps, etc.

So not only do you have to focus on the platforming and enemies, you’ll have to take notice of Murfy and what he can interact with. It makes the more fast-paced and intense levels really exciting and thrilling, and so satisfying when you finish the level.

rayman legends review

Rayman’s Non-Linear Progression

Another aspect that separates this game from other platformers is its non-linear level progression. In order to move on to the next level, it’s not just a matter of completing the level beforehand, but you’ll need to find collectibles through the levels too.

These are in the form of the captured Teensies, and every level contains a fair few of them, where some are in plain sights while others are more hidden.

This adds so much replayability because if you miss you any of them, you have reason to go back and try to find them. What I love most is that these collectibles have value and are not there just for the sake of collecting. It kind of annoys me when games do that so this was a refreshing change.

rayman legends review
You’ll be collecting many Lums on your journey.

Because unlocking levels is fairly easy and you’ll be doing it often (assuming you’re vigilant in collecting Teensies) you’ll unlock many levels, and even whole worlds (which contain more levels) before you’re even ready for them. This way you can choose whatever level you like without having to complete the one before it.

Not only are there the regular levels, but there are bonus levels that unlock new character, and there’s even some levels from Rayman Origins included too (with some minor changes).

Along with rescuing Teensies, you be collecting Lums, which are little golden flying creatures that are similar to collecting coins in a Super Mario game. The Lums also have a purpose where collecting as possible within each level will provide their own rewards, and can be used to unlock yet more secret levels and bonuses. It felt like I was unlocking something new with every level I finished. It’s great to feel rewarded so often like this as opposed to simply just moving on to the next level.

Just to add even more to the game- you can take part in daily and weekly challenges! There’s also an option for co-op play, with up to four players just to add to the craziness.

You really feel like they went all-out with Rayman Legends and it’s so great to see. It has the polish, longevity, humour and personality that you don’t also see and that’s what makes this game a standout.

Score: 8.8


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