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The Bridge review

the bridge

Ever since the release of Braid in 2008, I’ve been a real fan of puzzle platformers. 10 years later, I still enjoy them for their creativity and innovation. How does The Bridge keep the genre fresh and unique?

the bridge

The Bridge is more of a puzzle game than a platformer. Your main goal is to simply make your way through each stage and through the door. Did I say ‘simply’? That is certainly not the case!

The main mechanic of The Bridge is your ability to rotate the entire screen around and use physics to solve the game’s puzzles. It’s a simple mechanic, but the developers have managed to make the most of it by designing some truly great puzzles.

As you progress further, you’ll encounter more obstacles to prevent you from reaching your goal. These include boulders that will crush you on contact, vortexes that pull you in and don’t let go, etc. But rather than think of them as obstacles, they should be considered puzzles in their own right.

the bridge

This makes each puzzle feel unique as each stage never feels the same. You can tell the developers really took the time to carefully design each stage carefully- which is what every good puzzle designer should do.

My main problem with the rotating mechanic though, is the fact I felt a little dizzy while playing, as you are spinning the levels around over and over. Thankfully this feeling does pass fairly quickly and my brain was ready to start solving.

I do wish the actual rotating was quicker too as well as the character’s movement speed. It did get annoying having to wait while the stage spins around, and if I messed up, it can take awhile to try again. There is a very useful rewind ability, so if you do mess up, you can undo it fairly quickly.

the bridge

The visuals to The Bridge are truly amazing! The entire game is in black and white, giving it a vintage look. The stages and characters all have that hand-drawn aesthetic, which really adds to the vintage look The Bridge is going for.

The storytelling is reminiscent of the game I mentioned earlier- Braid. You’ll notice within the stage some visual storytelling that gives you hints as to what the story is about. Also when you’re selecting a level to play, there’s a painting that gives you more clues too.

the bridge

As there is no real dialogue spoken, or cut-scenes shown, this style of story-telling suits the game perfectly. I won’t go into the details of the story for obvious spoiler reasons, but it’s always great to try to work out the story than having it told to you, but there is a fine line of course!

The Bridge isn’t a very long game, as their aren’t a huge amount of stages. The difficulty of the later stages will definitely increase the game’s length, and while some the puzzles can be downright frustrating (such as The Archway level), it’s still original, and fun, enough to satisfy fans of the puzzle genre.

Score: 8/10


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