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Ori and the Blind Forest- Mini Review

This game sets you on an adventure to save the land from ruin after Kuro, a menacing bird, stole the Spirit Tree’s light.
You play as Ori, a creature born from the Spirit Tree, to travel to three certain locations and restore them.



This game starts off in emotional and powerful fashion, which gives weight to the situation. You’ll notice immediately the stunning visuals and enchanting music, and this happens throughout the entire game. Your eyes and ears will be in for an absolute treat!

This game combines combat, exploration, puzzle and platforming, though not every aspect is equally as good.
The platforming is the game’s greatest strength out of those elements. As you progress and learn more abilities, the platforming becomes more complex and more enjoyable as you go. As a result, the game’s final dungeon was the best.



The exploration/Metroidvania elements were ok, but not was satisfying as other games in the genre I’ve played before. The rewards didn’t feel as satisfying and I never felt that strong urge to want to backtrack, mainly because I didn’t really need to.

The combat was the weakest part of the game, as you simply need to be near the enemy and spam the attack button, as you perform an auto-attack of sorts, and not too much more than that. You can upgrade your abilities in many areas, and that at least allows for growth and kept things interesting.

There are better Metroidvanias out there, but the visuals, music, story (especially intro and ending), and platforming will still make this worth playing.


Score: 8.5/10


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