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Blasphemous Review

Blasphemous joins the growing list of games influenced by the Soulsbourne and Metroidvania genre. This game has you journeying through a large variety of stylised locations, slaughtering plenty of grotesque monsters along the way.

The combat is also what you would expect from a Soulsbourne-inspired game. It’s a little slower and more cautious than your usual retro 2D sidescrollers, but presents great challenge and satisfying kills. Speaking of kills, the death animations for Blasphemous are phenomenal! So much detail went into the animations when enemies die and it never gets old!

Enemies have their own attacks you’ll need to learn to get through unscathed as the game is fairly punishing. The same goes for boss fights, who were each a lot of fun to master. Unlike most Soulsbourne games, Blasphemous doesn’t have a level up system, but rather you grow stronger with relics, and many other collectables. This means no grinding, and also it relies more on skill than anything. There’s a fun parry system (similar to that of Sekiro) and each time you counter an enemy it bring great satisfaction.

The game’s tone and atmosphere is where it really shines brightest, as it is reminiscent of both the Dark Souls games and Bloodbourne, but I believe Blasphemous is even more disturbing and twisted. From the dialogue to the items, everything is so cryptic and full of mystique, and all of it helps immerse you into its world.

The game can be quite directionless at times, which may seem good for giving you freedom, but can very frustrating when it comes to backtracking because it takes a while go back to other areas with its very limited fast-travel system.
Other criticisms include a rather small skill tree, and most of the skills to learn feel rather pointless, which makes collecting ‘souls’ less motivating.

I still had a fun time with this game. If you’ve ever wanted to play a 2D Soulsbourne game, I’d recommend this right behind Salt and Sanctuary, but it’s still an enjoyable game regardless.

Score: 8


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