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Fall Guys Review

The Battle Royale genre is one I never really embraced. I think it’s a great concept, but for some reason I never jumped on board. That is, until this cute little game released as a free PS Plus game and I decided to finally dive in. No regrets whatsoever! For those who don’t already know, each episode starts off with 50-60 players, and you’ll typically play anywhere between 4-6 elimination rounds until there is an ultimate victor.

A major reason that separates Fall Guys from the other battle royale games is its variety. You’re not just shooting your way to victory every time, but here you’ll take part in a variety of different stages that range from races, survival, memory, and more. This all helps keep each episode you play fresh and exciting as you’ll play randomly selected stages, never truly knowing what’s coming next.

There’s just so much charm and fun with this game. The bright and colourful visuals suit it perfectly, and the constant stream of customisation adds so much personality. But it’s the addictive nature that is Fall Guys’ greatest strength. When you’re eliminated, whether it be first round or final round, you want to jump right back in and do better. That desire to beat everyone and win the crown is what will keep many people (including myself) coming back time and time again. It’s an amazing payoff that not too many games can provide.

One of the reasons why Fall Guys has been so successful is its accessibility. Almost anyone can jump in and have a go, and even fancy their chances regardless of their skill level. There’s this unpredictable combination of luck and skill that determines who goes through to the next round, as nothing is ever truly guaranteed. But that’s just what makes this game special and will keep it relevant for a long time to come.

Despite how much I love this game, and how much I still plan on playing it, there are some issues that hold it back a bit. Firstly- the camera. It still moves a little too slow, even though I have the sensitivity all the way up (I play on the PS4). There are moments in some stages where the camera gets stuck right behind me and I can’t see anything. Another issue is connectivity, which is a huge problem when you’re doing well, only to be suddenly kicked out.

I know this game exploded in popularity and the servers couldn’t always handle everyone, but I still get the disconnect every now and then. I also wish that there were no team rounds, where you’re forced to team up and entire teams are eliminated, regardless of how well you perform. Some of them are still good (like Fall Ball and Hoopsie Daisy), but I just don’t like my fate in the game decided by other people, as most of my eliminations come from these stages.

Apart from team rounds, the other mini games overall are a bit hit and miss. There’s quite a few that just have me groaning (Perfect Match, anyone?) but others that I genuinely love (like Slime Climb, Fall Mountain, and Hex-A-Gone).The dodgy physics is another thing I wish could be a little more refined, as I and I’m sure many others, have been screwed over because our Fall Guy just flops over for no reason and end up getting eliminated unfairly.

But regardless of all those criticisms, Fall Guys is definitely still one of my favourite games to come out of 2020 and it will only improve and get stronger as time goes on. It may not be perfect, but that hunt for the next episode win will always bring me back, as I’ve played Fall Guys almost every day since release. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Score: 8.5/10


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